i-Anchor® Advance CHILD SEAT WITH i-SIZE

i-Anchor - Red Dot Award 2014 Winner

An award winning i-Size child seat suitable from birth that rides rearward or forward up to 4 years!

Special Features

Supreme Side Impact Protection

The exclusive i-Anchor Advance Tri-Protect™ headrest offers security in the form of three intentional layers of protection inside the side wings, including patented Intelli-Fit™ memory foam plus Guard Surround Safety™ protective panels. All creating an environment safest for even the youngest of newborns and meeting i-Size standardised testing.


Layer 1: Most specialised is the Intelli-Fit™ high-density, memory foam located closest to a child’s head. Delicately designed, this exclusive layer of Intelli-Fit™ foam provides memory comfort for riders plus shock absorption during impact.

Layer 2: The next layer of EPP foam absorbs energy during impact.

Layer 3: Both layers are encased in a third layer of rigidly protective Polypropylene.

Smartest Dummy Sensors

New i-Size testing dummies have been developed using the most updated child development measurements and advanced sensory technology. Testing up to 7 critical areas including the head, upper neck, lower neck, ribcage, thorax, lower lumbar and pelvis; the i-Anchor Advance passes all testing utilising the new dummy system.


This includes the most sensitive newborn dummy. Which means the i-Anchor Advance child seat has a delicate balance that meets the softer, more sensitive needs of a newborn along with the rigid, highly supportive needs of an older rider.

Grow Together™ Headrest and Harness

The i-Anchor Advance’s 7-position headrest and harness system adjust together with no re-threading of the harness and with just one hand. Adjust up or down simultaneously and in an instant.

On-the-Go Recline

Ready for the cosiest ride with a total of 7 recline positions, the i-Anchor Advance reclines on-the-go without reinstalling — whenever you or your little rider wishes.

Steel Security

Steel located throughout the i-Anchor Advance child seat and the i-Base™ Advance enhances the energy absorption of the frame — this aids in minimizing the rotation of the child seat to reduce the momentum transferred to a child during impact.

Dual Shock Absorption

Two independent areas of shock absorption are found in the base of the support leg along with indentations lining the entire length of the support leg — all engineered to cushion and minimise the impact of a crash and further protect little riders.

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